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The Health Council of the Netherlands

The Health Council is an independent scientific advisory body. It is our task to provide the government and parliament with advice in the field of public health and health/healthcare research.
This website contains the advisory reports we have published to date and provides information about advisory opinions in preparation, our planning and who we are.

Areas of activity


Fitness to drive requirements: some recommendations

20 November 2014 – The Health Council of the Netherlands regularly advises on updates to the rules regarding medical fitness to drive a motor vehicle in traffic, Read more

Acetaldehyde evaluated on carcinogenic and mutagenic properties

13 November 2014 – Inhalation of acetaldehyde in the workplace may lead to cancer. This is of importance for workers who use the substance in the production of various chemical products. Read more

Ethylene oxide

11 November 2014 – Occupational exposure to ethylene oxide may cause cancer. For carcinogenic substances with no safe threshold, The Health Council derives a risk estimate as a basis for an occupational exposure limit, Read more



The Health Council is an active member of the European Science Advisory Network for Health (EuSANH). EuSANH, which was started in 2006 and officially founded in 2011, is a European network of scientific advisory bodies in the field of public health. Read more