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The Health Council of the Netherlands

The Health Council is an independent scientific advisory body. It is our task to provide the government and parliament with advice in the field of public health and health/healthcare research.
This website contains the advisory reports we have published to date and provides information about advisory opinions in preparation, our planning and who we are.

Areas of activity


Four reproduction toxicity evaluations

3 April 2014 – The Health Council of the Netherlands has reviewed hydroxyurea, ifosfamide, 3-methylcholanthrene and tellurium. These reports are part of a series, in which the Health Council evaluates the effects of substances on reproduction, at request of the Minister of Social affairs and Employment. Read more

New research needed into a vaccine against pertussis

26 March 2014 – For years only one hexavalent combination vaccine was available for the vaccination of infants. Recently, a second hexavalent combination vaccine was granted marketing authorization by the European Medicines Authority. Read more

Risks of prenatal exposure to substances: need for better test procedure

19 March 2014 – There are indications that the phase prior to birth is a sensitive period for potential health damage due to exposure to substances found in the environment. The strength of these indications varies from one substance to another. Read more



The Health Council is an active member of the European Science Advisory Network for Health (EuSANH). EuSANH, which was started in 2006 and officially founded in 2011, is a European network of scientific advisory bodies in the field of public health. Read more